Top 10 Greatest Gods in the World

Ganesha is the eldest son of Lord Shiva. He is worshiped for a new beginning.

1. Ganesha

Lord Shiva is yet another most powerful and the greatest God in the world.

2. Lord Shiva

Allah is also known as one of the Greatest Gods in the whole world. According to the Quran.

3. Allah

The Preserver and the protector of the Universe, Vishnu is also known as one of the most powerful Gods in the world.

4. Lord Vishnu

Jesus is known as one of the greatest Gods in the World, He is considered important to us because, through His Atonement, Teaching, Hope, Peace.

5. Jesus Christ

Durga also known as Mahadevi Parashakti is a major deity in Hinduism.

6. Goddess Durga

Odin is yet another most powerful God in the World. Odin was one of the most powerful and revered of all the Norse Mythology

7. Odin

Ahura Mazda was believed to be the first and the most invoked spirit in the Yasna.

8. Ahura Mazda

Lord Krishna is known as the most powerful God of all time. According to Hindu Mythology

9. Lord Sri Krishna

Athena is often considered to be the best Greek Goddess of all the Gods and Goddesses.

10. Athena


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