10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami

1) Krishna Janmashtami is a festival mostly celebrated by the Hindus every year.

2) It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

3) Lord Krishna is considered as the 8th incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu.

4) Lord Krishna was born to protect the world from evils and remove all the difficulties.

5) He was born to play different roles of a teacher, mentor, lover, deity, friend etc.

6) Lord Krishna holds a flute in his hand and he wears a peacock feather on his head.

7) Krishna killed ‘Kansa’ the evil king of ‘Mathura’ and made devotees free from his atrocities.

8) Lord Krishna gave the supreme knowledge in the form of “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita”.

9) On Krishna Janmashtami, the temples of Krishna are filled with devotees for worship and prayer.

10) Many people observe complete fast while some only rely on fruits on Krishna Janmashtami.

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