In Summer Vacation

10 Best Places In The World To Visit

1. Switzerland

When we talk about some of the best destinations in the world for a memorable vacation, Switzerland always manages to top the list.

2. Bhutan

Looking for a dose of happiness? Visit Bhutan, the worlds’ happiest country. If you do not wish to go too far, this country is the best choice for a perfect international summer holiday.

3. Iceland

A stunning destination offering a repertoire of diverse ecosystems, terrains, wild, raw and rugged that manifests in gushing fishing streams

4. Nepal

The presence of magnificent Himalayas welcome the vacationers to their land to enjoy pleasantly cool mornings, chilly nights, intermittent snowfall, and more.

5. Bali

Closer to home, it is one of the best international summer holiday destinations.

6. Kashmir

Kashmir, a land blessed with infinitesimal beauty is commonly referred to as the Paradise on the Earth.

7. Singapore

One of the most well-planned countries in the world, Singapore is a perfect international destination for the best holiday experience with friends and family.

8. Austria

A charming European country known for its picturesque locales, architectural marvels, and lofty Central Eastern Alps, Austria is another international destination for summer vacation.

9. Munnar

Lush, manicured tea plantations, tall eucalyptus trees, mist covered mountains, dense forests, wildlife, serene lakes, gushing streams, and tranquil landscapes create an interestingly colorful canvas.

10. Japan

A technologically advanced country, Japan is also known for its picturesque beauty, unique lifestyle, rich traditions and cultural legacy.


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