The movie “Maama Mascheendra” offers a fusion of action, drama, and comedy.

The movie “Maama Mascheendra” offers a fusion of action, drama, and comedy. In the movie “Maama Mascheendra,” the narrative unfolds against the backdrop of childhood trauma, which shapes Parasuram (Sudheer Babu) into a ruthless individual. Witnessing cruelty towards his mother, his fears and inhibitions transform him into a selfish, stone-hearted monster. His loyal follower, Ramadaasu (Harsha Vardhan), stands steadfast by his side. Confusion arises when both Parasuram and Ramadaasu become fathers, leading to misconceptions about their children — Visalakshi (Eesha Rebba) and Meenakshi (Mirnalini Ravi) respectively. Fueled by past scars, Parasuram is determined to protect his daughter and eliminate every possible threat, including his step-sister’s family and her twin sons. Will Parasuram ever experience a change of heart?

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Review: In “Maama Mascheendra,” director Harsha Vardhan attempts to weave a tale filled with intrigue and complexity. Sudheer Babu, portraying Parasuram, DJ, and Durga, showcases his acting prowess. The film offers moments of goodness and laughter within its 149-minute runtime, primarily through the interactions between Parasuram and Ramadaasu, as well as their experiences in parenthood.

While Sudheer Babu excels as DJ, his portrayal of the older Parasuram and the chubby Durga lacks ingenuity. Harsha Vardhan’s performance as Ramadaasu is consistent and stable, grounding the narrative. Eesha Rebba as Viral Visalakshi and Mirnalini Ravi as Meenakshi entertain with their vitality and camaraderie. The supporting cast, including Ali Reza, Ajay, Hariteja, and Rajeev Kanakala, contribute effectively.

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Chaitan Bharadwaj’s music complements the storytelling, enhancing the overall experience. Cinematographer PG Vinda and editor Mathand K Venkatesh capture visually appealing moments, adding depth to the film.

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However, “Maama Mascheendra” features a chaotic plotline with numerous characters and twists that needed better execution. Sudheer Babu’s attempts at portraying diverse characters are commendable; he appears on screen in one form or another throughout the movie. The film offers intermittent entertainment, provided viewers are willing to overlook logical inconsistencies. While the film blends action, drama, and comedy, it falls short in maintaining consistent engagement.


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