The Flash Movie Review, Star Cast & Story Hit or Flop

The Flash Movie Review: The film is refreshingly forthright about Barry’s inability to win this cosmic battle to save the world on his own. But is that also an honest admission that Ezra Miller cannot bring DC the necessary hit by himself?

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The Flash Movie Review, Star Cast & Story Hit or Flop

Story: When Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) discovers he can travel back in time, he tries to save his family from their eventual fate. But his actions have consequences he isn’t quite prepared for.

Release Date : June 15, 2023 Rating : 3/5

Starring: Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Keaton, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot

Director: Andy Muschietti

Producers: Barbara Muschietti and Michael Disco

Music Directors: Benjamin Wallfisch

Cinematography: Henry Braham

Editor: Jason Ballantine and Paul Machliss

The Flash, DC’s most recent superhero film, is now playing in theaters. Ezra Miller plays the Flash. Before the movie was released, there was a lot of hype. If you want to know if the movie lived up to the hype, read our review. The Flash Movie Review:

The Flash Movie Review

For many years, fans of The Flash have awaited the conclusion of his “Flashpoint Paradox” storyline on the big screen. Numerous multiverse-based plots involving the DC roster of superheroes were sparked by the critically acclaimed story. While this film was at first expected to have similar effect, in the background advancements would alter its direction a larger number of times than Barry Allen might have expected. The outcome is affected by those circumstances, but director Andy Muschietti keeps the plot focused on a real-life emotional arc.
As the younger Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) acquires his powers, he must collaborate with that version. The actor successfully portrays two distinct versions of the character, each with their own distinct mannerisms. The film’s jokes, even the absurd ones, generally work, and scenes with them are both funny and touching. This is supported by a well-balanced drama, especially with Barry, who is older, and his mother Nora (Maribel Verd) serving as the story’s anchors as the chaos builds. Michael Keaton reprises the pivotal role he played in the 1989 and 1992 films as Bruce Wayne, which goes beyond mere fan service to make a significant contribution. It’s also satisfying to see his Batman perform feats that were unimaginable with the technology of the day. The enormous task of introducing us to the new Kara Zor-El/Supergirl is accomplished by Sasha Calle.
With camerawork that follows sequences to provide a crucial sense of direction and scale, Muschietti also provides a captivating view of the film’s action. However, the CGI in “The Flash” is by far its weakest feature. In addition to the scenes featuring the two Barrys, a crucial plot device necessitates extensive VFX, which appears to be wrong. It suggests that the story is going through multiple changes at once without much time to work on this essential aspect. Regardless, there are plenty of cloud-pleasing moments for both new and existing fans.
Despite the studio’s apparent new direction, these characters’ fates remain unknown. Due to Muschietti’s distinctive tone and execution, if “The Flash” is meant to serve as a bridge between the DC Universe of the past decade or so, it certainly does so.

The Flash Movie Story

A bank robbery that goes wrong is stopped by Barry Allen, aka The Flash, played by Ezra Miller, with the assistance of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, played by Ben Affleck, and Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. Later on, Barry wants to save his father Henry Allen (portrayed by Ron Livingston), who was wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife Nora Allen (portrayed by Marlen Verd). Barry travels back in time because he is convinced he can save his mother. What takes place next? Does he stop his mother from dying? Does he get to meet his younger self? Is he able to save his father if he returns to the present? Who is Sasha Calle’s Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl? The film contains all of the answers.

The Flash Movie Plus Points

The story of The Flash, the 13th film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), is good, and there are many happy scenes that fans will enjoy on the big screen.

Ezra Miller surprises fans with a different look as his younger self, delivering another flawless performance. The interesting discussions between the superhuman Barry and the frail Barry are charming.

The film is additionally loaded up with nostalgic minutes. It’s great to see Michael Keaton reprise his role as Batman in this film after 31 years. His character development is well-executed, and he has meaningful conversations with the future Flash. The characters’ emotional connection is effective.

Fans of superhero films are familiar with the idea of traveling through time, but what makes The Flash enjoyable is Barry Allen’s emotional journey to avert his mother’s death. Sasha Calle surprises everyone with her performance as Supergirl. She makes a lasting impression despite her limited screen time. The appearance of Wonder Woman is a delightful surprise. In her small role as Nora Allen, Maribel Verd gives her all.

One of the best parts of the movie is when the Flash heroically saves the children in the hospital. The Flash’s slow-motion sequences are breathtaking to watch. The overall visuals are impressive and vibrant.


The Flash Movie Minus Points

The Flash has a straightforward plot with few surprises. Barry Allen’s interaction with Batman and Supergirl in a different time period is the most surprising aspect of the movie.

The second half of the story could have been more interesting. It doesn’t have a compelling story, and the scenes with Supergirl and the antagonist General Zod should have been more powerful. There are no genuine confrontations between General Zod, The Flash, Supergirl, or Batman in the second half. The fight scene as a whole lacks impact.

The director missed a chance to strengthen the emotional connection between the current and past Barry Allens. The movie could have benefited greatly from this. Additionally, the film might have been more enjoyable with a few more scenes demonstrating Supergirl’s power. The same could have been done for General Zod, the character.

One would anticipate a satisfying climax following all of the events, but The Flash chooses a dull and uninteresting conclusion. It could have been written with a better climax that suggested a sequel.

The Flash Movie Technical Aspects

Interestingly, chief Andy Muschietti steerages a superhuman film, and he makes an OK showing. However, the film’s writers, Joby Harold, Jonathan Goldstein, and John Francis Daley, could have included more engaging scenes. Christina Hodson’s screenplay is good.

Thanks to cinematographer Henry Braham, the visuals are fantastic, and the VFX artists put in a lot of effort to produce the best possible product. Even though Benjamin Wallfisch’s music is decent, it could have been better, especially during the film’s most dramatic moments. The film could have greatly benefited from tighter editing in the second half.

The Flash Movie Verdict

Overall, The Flash is a decent movie with decent emotional and nostalgic moments. Michael Keaton and Ezra Miller give strong performances. However, the conflict between Supergirl and General Zod lacks impact and could have been developed more effectively. This superhero film is worth watching this weekend, despite some unnecessary scenes and a straightforward conclusion.


Is the new Flash movie good?

A solidly entertaining if predictable time-travel film that boasts something most DC movies sorely lack: a strong lead performance.

How many Batmans are in The Flash movie?

There are four Batmans in The Flash. They are played by Ben Affleck, Adam West, Michael Keaton, and George Clooney. The first Batman is played by Ben Affleck.

At what age can you watch Flash?

The MPA rated The Flash PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, some strong language and partial nudity.

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