St David’s Day Message from Welsh Secretary.

Message from Welsh Secretary on St David’s Day

 St David’s Day David TC Davies, who serves as the Secretary of State for Wales, is celebrating his first St David’s Day since assuming the role.

In his inaugural St David’s Day message as the Welsh Secretary, David TC Davies rejoices in Wales and anticipates a thrilling year ahead.

Welsh Secretary David TC Davies said:

As the Secretary of State for Wales, I am thrilled to convey my first St David’s Day message, and I extend my warmest greetings to all who are commemorating our national day in Wales and across the globe.

Despite the challenges that confront us all, our nation’s future appears promising. The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in soaring energy expenses, causing hardship for many. However, it has also highlighted the best of Wales’ community spirit. Numerous individuals have generously welcomed Ukrainian people into their homes, offering refuge and a place to call their own to those in dire need.



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It is this identical community spirit, in conjunction with grit and determination, that is aiding us in our recuperation from the Covid pandemic and in constructing a prosperous future for Wales.

The UK Government is making every effort to provide for the people of Wales. We will shortly unveil the triumphant proposal for Wales’ inaugural Freeport, which will generate employment opportunities and stimulate growth and prosperity. Furthermore, we disclosed £208 million earlier this year for eleven additional significant Levelling Up initiatives throughout Wales, supplementing the £160 million previously pledged for over 170 Welsh levelling up projects, as well as approximately £790 million to advance growth deals encompassing every region of the nation.

Wales possesses a vital role to perform in forthcoming green technology, owing to the enormous potential for floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, marine energy, nuclear power, and industrial decarbonisation.

South Wales houses the world’s inaugural compound semiconductor cluster, which is bolstered by investments from the UK Government, as well as rapidly growing media production and FinTech industries. Moreover, our renowned food and beverage industry continues to prosper.

Not to mention, we possess exquisite countryside, stunning coastlines, and lively cities and towns, all of which render Wales an appealing tourist hotspot.

However, this thrilling future for Wales is only conceivable because of the individuals who devote their energy and enthusiasm to enhancing our communities and making them wonderful places to reside. Wishing you all a joyous St David’s Day.

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