Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme Odisha 2023 Online, Budget

Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme Odisha Yojana 2023″ which has gotten approval from the state’s cupboard. Showing its obligation to take care of the different necessities of its residents, the Odisha Government has been proactively carrying out a scope of plans focused on at various portions of the populace. During a cupboard meeting, the Main Clergyman of Odisha formally sent off this specific drive. According to the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana arrangements, the public authority will stretch out advances to individuals of Odisha, empowering them to buy their ideal bikes at positive terms. This move is supposed to give improved portability and comfort to the occupants while animating the development of the transportation area in the state.

The Odisha Government is taking wonderful steps toward the state’s advancement by presenting a variety of plans customized to address the issues of different portions of its populace. With the all-encompassing point of supporting the state’s financial ability, one such prominent drive is the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana Apply Online 2023, Application Structure. The essential target of this plan is to enable the recipients, encouraging independence, and working with their capacity to gain bikes. Assuming you are keen on profiting the advantages of the Mission Shakti plot, this article will furnish you with thorough data on the application cycle, credit sum given by the Odisha Government, material financing costs, qualification rules for credit candidates, and the enlistment methodology for this promising drive. By empowering individuals to claim bikes through this plan, the public authority tries to make a more independent and enabled populace, driving the state towards a way of feasible turn of events.

Outline Features Mission Shakti Bike Yojana 2023 Apply On the web

Scheme Name Odisha Mission Scooter Yojana
Year 2023
State Odisha State
Launched by Naveen Patnayak
Launched on 21st July 2023
Beneficiaries CSS and EC members of SHGs
Amount Delivered RS 1 lakh
Total Beneficiaries 2 lakh
Number of CSS Members 75,000 members
Number of EC Members of SHGs 1,25,000 members
Interest Rate No interest
Registration Process Both Online/offline mode
Official Website Coming soon
Total Budget RS 528 crore


Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023

In a huge move focused on the government assistance of its residents, the Public authority of Odisha has presented the “Bike Yojana 2023.” This visionary plan got the blessing from the Cupboard of Odisha and was formally sent off by the state’s Main Clergyman, Naveen Patnayak, during a cupboard meeting hung on July 21, 2023.

Under the arrangements of this plan, the Public authority of Odisha is broadening a credit of Rs. 1 lakh, liberated from interest, to the Local area Care Staff (CSS) and EC Individuals from State Self improvement Gatherings (SSC). Notwithstanding, just individuals having a place with these particular networks are qualified to profit the plan’s advantages. A noteworthy count of multiple lakh ladies are set to be the beneficiaries of this liberal drive. As a feature of the plan, a sum of 75,000 Local area Care Staff and 1,25,000 EC individuals from State Self improvement Gatherings will benefit.

Further insights concerning the qualified individuals from CSS and SSC who can profit the advantages of this plan will be explained in the accompanying areas of this article. The Bike Yojana 2023 can possibly have a constructive outcome on the existences of innumerable people, engaging them with improved portability and valuable open doors for financial development.

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Main Objective Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023

As referenced before, the Self improvement Gatherings’ CSS and EC Individuals have been instrumental in driving ladies strengthening, encouraging business sector linkage, and advancing work exercises in the state. Perceiving their huge commitment, the Odisha State government has made a smart stride towards improving their versatility support by presenting the “Mission Shakti Bike Yojana,” offering them a sans interest bike credit. Through this thoroughly thought out plot, a significant number of recipients, including 1,25,000 EC Individuals from SHGs and 75,000 CSS individuals, will receive the rewards. By enabling these committed people with expanded portability, the public authority means to additional support their endeavors in emphatically affecting the local area and making a more comprehensive and prosperous society.

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023 Beneficiary List

The Odisha Free Bike Yojana is an exemplary plan that is set to help almost 2 lakh individuals. The rundown of recipients is broad and incorporates different significant jobs inside the local area. These recipients include people from different fields, guaranteeing a wide and comprehensive effect:

  • Local area Care Staff (CSS)
  • Bank Mitra
  • Prani Mitra
  • Local area Asset Individual
  • Udyog Mitra
  • Ace Clerk
  • SHG Individuals (Self improvement Gathering Individuals)
  • Business Advancement Specialist co-op
  • SHG Alliance Pioneers
  • Leader Individuals
  • Office Carriers of Gram Panchayat
  • Block Level Alliance (BLF) Individuals
  • Ward Level Alliance Individuals
  • City Level Alliance Individuals
  • Region Level Organization (DLF) Individuals
  • Through this extensive rundown of recipients, the Sans odisha Bike Plan expects to engage a different scope of people adding to
  • different parts of local area improvement, work advancement, and neighborhood administration.

This plan holds the possibility to engage ladies who are individuals from the CSS and SHG Organization Pioneers, empowering them to work all the more really and definitively in their particular jobs.

 Advantages of Odisha Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme Benefits

  • By offering a sans interest credit of up to Rs. 1 lakh, all recipients recorded in the “Recipient Rundown” segment can now benefit the valuable chance to buy a bike with no monetary weight.
    The Mission Shakti Bike Yojana awards the opportunity of decision to its recipients, permitting them to choose a bike that lines up with their own inclinations and necessities.
  • To guarantee the effective execution of the MSSY Odisha, the State government has distributed a significant financial plan of 528.54 crore for the following five years.
  • An exceptional figure of roughly 2 lakhs ladies will profit from this plan, containing 75,000 CSS individuals and 1,25,000 WC individuals from Self improvement Gatherings, essentially influencing their lives and vocations.

  • By partaking in the Odisha Bike Yojana, ladies can accomplish self-reliance, as they gain the necessary resources to drive advantageously and freely, consequently engaging them to assume responsibility for their lives.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Premium Grant for Bank credit on buying a bike is solely accessible to qualified recipients, explicitly the CSS and EC Individuals from SHGs.
  • To meet all requirements for this advantage, candidates should outfit a private verification demonstrating their Odisha residency.
  • Besides, it is basic that the candidate has a clean monetary record and has not been pronounced a defaulter by any financial establishment.
  • Moreover, to profit of the premium grant, the candidate’s financial balance should be connected with their Aadhaar, guaranteeing smooth and secure exchange processes.

  • By sticking to these rules, qualified people can make the most of this significant help to gain their own bike and work on their versatility and vocation open doors.

Documents Required

Address Verification
Ledger Subtleties
Charge Receipt of Bike
Aadhaar Card of Candidate
Visa Size Photo
ID Card of CSS and EC Individuals from SHGs
Versatile Number.

Process Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023 Apply Online

Dear companions, assuming that you are anxiously expecting the chance to apply for the RS. 1 lakh Interest Grant Credit, we figure out your energy. Be that as it may, at this point, the state government has as of late sent off this plan, yet the authority Standard Working System (SoP) in regards to the application cycle has not been delivered at this point.

Have confidence, when the public authority delivers any data about the plan and its application cycle, we will immediately refresh this article with a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to apply under the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana.

Q : What is Mission Shakti Bike Yojana?

Ans : Mission Shakti Bike Yojana is a program sent off by the Odisha government to give versatility backing to individuals from country ladies self improvement gatherings (WSHG). It offers revenue free bank credits of up to Rs. 1 lakh for buying bikes to qualified people.

Q : Who is qualified to profit from Mission Shakti Bike Yojana?

Ans : Individuals from country ladies self improvement gatherings, including SHG alliance pioneers and local area support staff at different levels, are qualified to profit from the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana.


Q : What is the goal of this plan?

Ans : The essential goal of the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana is to improve the proficiency and reach of SHG league pioneers and local area support staff. It means to engage these ladies to do their obligations really and advance social change and improvement in their networks.

Q : How much monetary help does the program offer?

Ans : The Mission Shakti Bike Yojana offers revenue aid on bank advances up to Rs. 1 lakh, meaning qualified people can get full interest help on the credit sum for buying a bike.

Q : How much has the public authority distributed for this plan?

Ans : The public authority has distributed Rs. 528 crore for the following five years to effectively carry out the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana.

Q : What are the critical elements of the Mission Shakti Bike Yojana?

Ans : The key highlights incorporate sans interest credits for bikes, direct help to local area support staff and organization pioneers, and acknowledgment of the essential pretended by ladies in advancing social change and improvement.


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