Jawan Movie Review An Entertaining Action Drama That Dares To Make A Political Statement

Jawan Movie Review An Entertaining Action Drama That Dares To Make A Political Statement: The opening sequence is one for the books. Some place along the northern lines of India, a battered trooper recuperates. He is being set upon in the kind and idyllic village he is reviving; In a creek, people are shot, stabbed, and drown. The soldier rises like a prophet and dives with a spear into a raging sky. His eyes fill us in, but we cannot yet see his face because it is still wrapped in gauze. The production is spectacular, mystifying, and shrouded in shadow. A flaming horse also darts across the screen. No wonder Hideo Kojima, a Japanese game designer, couldn’t contain his excitement on social media. Jawan is, in fact, the most Metal Gear-like film starring Shah Rukh Khan, despite how strange it may sound.

Since 2019, the Tamil director Atlee has teased a film with Khan. It’s not whenever a cultivated southern chief first has united with a significant Bollywood star for an activity film with charged sociopolitical topics (Atlee’s tutor, Shankar, logical showed the way). Nevertheless, there may be more to this partnership than meets the eye. Atlee’s characters will more often than not have copies and pseudonyms . In Theri, Vijay carries a single identity, whereas in Mersaland Bigil, he carries multiple identities. The two most recent films, in particular, were complicated tales about fathers and sons. Jawan movie review All of this calls out to Khan, who is the biggest draw for multiple-role films in Hindi cinema, surpassing only Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar.

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We meet Khan as he hijacks a Mumbai metro train 30 years after that explosive opening. He is now playing a goofy, wisecracking vigilante with a bald head. He is supported by a group of female fighters, the majority of whom have names and some notable backstories. Alia, the daughter of a dead-eyed arms dealer named Kaali (Vijay Sethupathi in a mean beard), is also on the train. Spoilers ahead: Khan is actually Azad Rathore, a high-security women’s prison guard who also works as an ethical terrorist. This will be shown soon enough. In addition, Azad is getting married to Narmada (Nayanthara), the unflinching negotiator to whom he requested songs while leading the hijack.

I won’t say how many Shah Rukh Khans you’ll see in Jawan, but it’s enough to cover the cost of one ticket. Despite the fact that Khan, 57, is an entertainer at heart, his best performances throughout his career have featured moments of vengeance and menace. Due to the cost of being a successful megastar, he no longer can commit to outright villainy, so he enjoys using his quasi-antihero avatar. Jawan movie review The heroes won’t have a chance against me as a villain,” he grins, more out of respect for himself than any actual threat. While Jawan isn’t as morally ambiguous or challenging as Fan or Baazigar, it still challenges the superstar’s capabilities. Khan is an honorable, ideal citizen, check. Grizzled, stogie eating, Wolverine-reviewing Khan — additionally check.

Jawan (Hindi)
  • Director: = Atlee
  • Cast: = Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Sunil Grover
  • Run-time: = 169 minutes
  • Storyline:= A vigilante and his crew take on corrupt institutions in bed with a deadly arms dealer as past and present thrillingly collide

Minus Points:

There is a solid message to the society in the movie, but it has not been told much effectively. The emotions in the first half were good, and even the scenes involving Deepika in the second half came out well. However, the powerful message that the film intends to deliver is not presented well amidst the high elevations and stunning action set pieces. The editing could have been better as far as the second half is concerned.

Plot-wise, the movie isn’t new, and hence, at times, the movie turns a bit predictable. There are a few over-the-top scenes which were placed intentionally to cater to the masses. While some of them were good, a few cliches could have been avoided. The Faraatta song featuring Shah Rukh and Deepika wasn’t good visually. Jawan movie review As it is the case with mass films, one needs to ignore logics to enjoy the proceedings.

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Technical Aspects:

Anirudh has become the man with Midas touch, and Jawan is another feather to his cap. His background score is pulsating, and he elevated the Bollywood Badhshah in an electrifying manner. GK Vishnu’s cinematography is top-class, and the action set pieces were captured in a superb manner. The movie is lengthy, and a few scenes could have been trimmed in the second half. The production values by Red Chillies are exquisite.

Director Atlee is known for packing his movies with good masala elements, and with Jawan, too, he does the same. He presented Shah Rukh in the way fans wish to see him. While the tempo goes down slightly in the second half, he makes it up with solid elevations and humor as the film nears the completion. All in all, Atlee delivers what is expected of him.


On the whole, Jawan is a well-made commercial entertainer that has all the elements to please the audience and Shah Rukh Khan fans. There are pulse-pounding moments, high-octane action scenes, electrifying soundtracks, and some stunning visuals which should be sufficient to set the box office on fire. But the social message the movie intends to deliver could have been conveyed in an even better manner. Jawan movie review While the first half was too good, things became slightly slow in the second half. But Atlee has managed to insert high elements in between, and he emerged triumphant. Jawan deserves a theatrical experience for its high technical values. If you love watching masala entertainers, then Jawan will end up being a very good watch this weekend.

Jawan’s action is as smooth and convincing as you’d expect from a big-budget Atlee movie. gatling guns, choppers, and drones; The director goes through every box of action movies made in the style of Hollywood. In spite of Khan’s fluid jumps and kicks, the smudges of Indianness that are applied to the grand canvas are what really sell these set pieces. I adored the concept of one of the hijackers driving away from the scene of the crime. or the memory of Deepika Padukone slamming Khan to the ground in a pivotal cameo. Atlee’s action is rooted in urgent rage for social justice, just like in his previous films. Khan launches his own Clean India campaign, criticizing failing institutions like agriculture, healthcare, and (much more subtly and respectfully) the Indian military. Due to the film’s persistent emphasis on the perniciousness of such assertions, at least three distinct characters are referred to as “deshdrohi,” which means traitor.


The film is about Vikram Rathore (Shah Rukh Khan), an Indian soldier who chooses an unconventional way to do good to society. He hijacks a metro train and holds the passengers as the hostages. Vikram puts forth his demands to NSG officer Narmada (Nayanthara). She learns that weapon dealer and renowned businessman Khaali Gaikwad (Vijay Sethupathi) is the target of Vikram Rathore. What is the connection between the soldier and Khaali? How integral is Vikram Rathore’s son Azad (Shah Rukh Khan) to the whole story? This is what the film is about.

Jawan is also a film that loves other films. Spot-the-reference is a game that fans of both Bollywood and Hollywood will adore. Khan’s vigilante resembles The Joker, Darkman, and even Speed’s Dennis Hopper in some ways before his endgame is revealed. Kaali literally distributes red and blue pills, which I think is a clever idea given that he is attempting to corrupt the system. A Russian mob boss wearing a Bane mask appears. Jawan movie review However, as in Pathaan, the best references are to Khan’s own filmography. Kaveri Amma is Azad’s adoptive mother (Riddhi Dogra), which is also the name of Khan’s adoptive mother in Swades. Main Hoon Na, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and, perhaps most fittingly, Duplicate all receive similar nods.

Plus Points:

There has been a lot of talk that Bollywood is not delivering what the audience needed off late, and Jawan is an answer to it. The movie is made exclusively for the big screen experience, with plenty of whistle-worthy moments for which the audience will go berserk.

Atlee gave a paisa vasool action drama by including all the essential ingredients that are required for a true-blue commercial cinema. Watch out for the intro and interval sequences.

The funny antics and swag of King Khan are brilliantly utilized over the end, and it evokes good laughs. The star actor was brilliant in both roles, and this is perhaps the massiest film he has done to date. Kudos to the stunt choreographers for devising such breathtaking action sequences. The truck chase sequence in the second half will stand out among all.

Vijay Sethupathi is lovely in his role. His dialogue delivery and mannerisms are a treat to watch. His confrontation scenes with Shah Rukh have come out so well, and it was delightful seeing two of the best performers in a single frame.

Nayanthara’s screen presence is just superb, and she does what is expected of her. The cameo of Deepika Padukone was also good, and it drives the story forward. The best part is Atlee managed to deliver on the emotional front, too, in the first half while not missing out on the elevation scenes. There was a right balance of action and emotion in the first hour.

There is some surprise for the audience in the second half, and theatres will surely erupt for it. Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Ridhi Dogra, Lehar Khan, and Girija Oak are adequate in their respective roles. Anirudh’s background is as-usually good, and it helps the film to go a few notches higher. The VFX works by Red Chillies are incredible, and the team once again proved they are among the best in handling visual effects.

Not all things fly. In the second half, there is a lot of melodrama that reminds me of Atlee. Regardless of Anirudh Ravichander’s earnest attempts, the melodies feel nonexclusive (‘Chaleya’ by Arijit Singh is particularly forgettable; On YouTube, you can find a better Arabic version). However, Vijay Sethupathi truly shows off his wild side in the final scenes, which are hilarious. Nayanthara plays the typical heroine role with a cool undertone, falling less in love with Khan than the film would like her to. However, the audience is completely enamored.

Towards the end, Khan conveys an energetic discourse on majority rules system, and the force of a solitary vote. Everyone listened in stunned agreement, even in this polarizing time. One country, one inclination, one Shah Rukh Khan.

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